Preparer Certification

     In order to be a tax preparer you will need to have a PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number). This is a requirement from the IRS that allows you to sign your name on the customers tax returns and to get paid for preparing taxes.Getting the PTIN is free and is the first step in becoming a professional tax preparer. It is needed to be able to complete the education and other steps necessary to become a tax preparer.

     We expect all our preparers to take the Annual Filing Season program that is designed by the IRS. The IRS COURSE gives professional tax prepares the basics of the tax code and an added layer of information for the new tax season. The course itself is given online and costs around $80. It takes about 18 hours to complete. The IRS requires this certification to verify the competence of tax preparers.We will reimburse the course fee after you have completed 10 returns. The course is conveniently available online and you can work flexibly on your own schedule.

     We at By The Square Taxes offer a final course that will get our tax preparers ready for tax season. The BTST COURSE is specifically designed to complement the IRS basic training and give in depth knowledge that successful preparers need. This covers helping you develop your own tax business.

     One of the services that we provide to our clients is the ability to pay for the tax preparation through their tax refund. we work with Republic Bank and use their services in order to accomplish this. As such it is required that every tax preparer that works for us complete the free REPUBLIC BANK COURSE and pass their exam.

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