Business Taxes

     Preparing and filing business taxes are more complicated than just individual taxes. Businesses have their own legal structure and often have an extra layer of deductions and credits that you do not have when you file as an individual. We at BTST work with every type of business entity from sole proprietorships to C-Corps. We have experience filing taxes, and also work on the most tax advantageous way to organize your business.

     Operating your own business requires a lot of work. having a professional and dedicated team to help you navigate through the tax code is important to the long term survival. At BTST we not only look over the financials of your business but we give you the best course of action. We know and understand that the business you are building is there to give you the personal flexibility and financial freedom that you desire.


     We work with CPA’s, CFA’s and other consultants to transform your business into long term financial security for you and your family. We view your success as our success. We offer services such as  bookkeeping software setup, year round financial advice, payroll consulting and much more.

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