Common Problems & Our Solutions

  • All Fraternal Organizations are 501(c)10,non-profit organizations, NOT 501(c)3 (public charities) 

  • Many accountants do not understand fraternal financial operations and this can cause the financial information presented to be inaccurate

  • Unrelated Business Income that the organization receives that is considered to be unrelated to their tax exempt functions can create a tax liability. If the accountant is unaware of what the  organization functions are; an incorrect tax liability can be created

  • Short-term budgeting is more important than long-term goals

  • Auditing!  A Grand Lodge audit is not an audit for IRS purposes. Are you ready for an Audit?


  • We have an in depth understanding of the unique  framework of fraternal organizations 


  • We offer information and  can  answer the many questions that you have 


  • We offer long-term budget, accounting, tax and financial planning


  • We are a one stop shop for all your accounting and financial needs 


  • Better Service at Better Prices

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