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     We use Tax Act as the software provider for all of our tax filing. We e-file all Federal tax returns and have the ability to do every state in the United States. The E-filing allows us to see if the tax return was accepted by the IRS and the state usually within 48 hours. E-Filing usually allows the tax filer to receive their refund within 3 weeks. An additional advantage is that if their is an issue with the tax return we find out what the issue is and what needs to be fixed within 48 hours. aWe then fix the problem and refile the return ASAP.

     Tax act is a leader in tax software and makes preparing tax returns for clients easy and simple. The program guides you through the entire tax preparation, tells you what information you need from the clients and helps with achieving the highest refund possible. At the end it has an alert feature that double checks the return to make sure that all the boxes are filled, that you have done your due diligence and then will it allow you to E-File the tax return.

     All of our preparers receive an online link that allows them to download the tax software to their computer. So that you can work remotely at your convenience.

     Another benefit that we have from tax act is called “Client Xchange”. It's a secure online portal that allows you to invite your clients to upload their tax documents to a secure site and keeps them confidential. We require all of our tax preparers to use this portal with their clients and upload all of the tax documents to the secure server. Using the secure server allows the clients to view there tax filings and keeps all of there paperwork organized. It also allows the person who does the second review of your client taxes to have access to all of the clients documents in order to complete the tax return review properly before it gets E-Filed.

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